OTC’s Occupational Therapists (OTs) offer evaluation, consultation, and treatment for a variety of fine motor and sensory integration skills, including problems with visual perceptual skills, handwriting skills, visual motor integration, self-care skills, and muscle and joint integrity. The individually planned intervention program developed by the therapist helps the child or adult achieve skills required for successful performance of daily living, work and leisure activities. Our Occupational therapists also evaluate and consult with families regarding possible needs for adaptive equipment and environmental modifications.

When working with children, our OTs are concerned with the child's ability to be successful in the primary occupations of childhood - play, daily life tasks, socialization, and school learning. They address life problems arising from developmental, neuromuscular, and/or sensory integration and processing disorders.  Our OTs provide an extensive fine motor program that includes several handwriting programs geared to enhance development for various learning styles for skills that the child’s school has introduced.

Our School Based OTs considers student needs and performance objectives related to fine and gross motor concerns; eye-hand coordination; visual-perceptual issues; sensory processing abilities and organizational/executive functions related to academic performance.

When working with adults, the OT intervention plan is based on our patients' activities and progress. We assist clients in a wide range of activities ranging from using public transportation to driving a car, to daily living skills such as dressing, cooking, and eating.

Our OT’s have diverse backgrounds and have completed specialized training in areas such as sensory integration, DIR/Floortime, assistive technology and home modifications, listening therapies, splinting, and handwriting. They work in a variety of settings, including OTC's Clinic at Somerset, schools, personal and private residences, and community based programs.