OTC is recognized as one of the premier providers of occupational, physical and speech therapy, behavioral health and consultation services in New Jersey. Our diverse clientele and our professional colleagues appreciate the innovative programs we develop, consistent and excellent services we provide, and the professionally capable therapists in our group. Since our founding in 1979, our services have grown in size and scope. Our reputation as a “Best Practice” organization has been recognized nationally and internationally.

Our therapist/consultants are available to provide services in such diverse environments as:

In our work with children and families requiring Early Intervention, our therapists utilize the family and/or day care setting to provide therapeutic interventions and parent trainings. Services in the child’s natural environment helps assure successful outcomes.

In our Clinic, we utilize therapeutic play activities to address a child’s developmental needs. These activities are designed to help the child achieve success. Concurrently, the therapeutic design addresses developmental concerns in order to achieve the required functional outcome.

In school settings, the therapist/consultant collaborates with the school team to design educationally relevant therapy programs that meet a given student’s needs.

In community based programs for adults with developmental disabilities, the therapist/consultant collaborates with the day program and residential teams to develop therapeutic strategies that address the client’s needs. Carryover by day and residential staff are key components of our service perspective.

In our Long-Term Care and Sub-Acute programs, OTC staff are an integral part of the team. Assessment, treatment and carryover into the Nursing Care Plan are